Dirty sex story

Written by Fresh on December 17, 2011

One summer day a young couple enjoying walks, while walking with a girl the guy talking about their relationship. They quarreled and cursed the conversation was about their sex life came to a standstill. They tried everything in sex. Oral sex, anal sex, sex with a vibrator and everything else, did not bring them pleasure. They have tried everything, they wanted something new. Intimate fantasies ended, their relationship crumbled like a house of cards. And the guy started talking about a porn video where the guy and girl have sex class and received the best orgasms. And he began to tell the story of this film, a film called Scat and Piss. It all began with the fact that the guy sat there and chatted with a girl in a romantic atmosphere. The guy started to kiss the girl in the neck, lips, they kiss passionately. Gentle movements’ guy put the girl on the bed and slowly began to undress her. Caressing her body, he took off her clothes; she remained in shorts and bra. It was already clear that the guy was raised dick, and he was eager to thrust in a dick in her hole, the girl is already wet, she wanted to the hard penetration of penis in her innocent pussy. He continued to caress her sexy body, he undid the bra. Her big breasts increased intimate interest all more strongly; the man licked and bit small nipples of her huge breasts. The girl held him for shoulders and gently groaned; the guy went down more low, kissing a tummy and has reached beautiful lacy shorts (red color). He has removed from her shorts, and gently continued to caress a sexual body when he has touched for its hips and gently caressed buttocks its finger has dived into a small smelly hole, his partner has loudly screamed. The girl could not suffer any more; she wanted penetration into her damp vagina, she started to grab him by the elastic term and hard to compress it, she begged, asked him what he would have entered her wet hole, she could no longer endure she wanted rigid sex. He playfully joke and continued to caress her, the guy licking her wet cunt, her labia were swollen. And then his tongue touched her clit and making a few movements of the tongue on the clitoris, the girl escaped from his caresses, tenderly embracing him, filling up on the bed and starting to suck his resilient penis, she sucked so passionately for 5 minutes, the guy could not resist her beautiful body and gentle touches to his cock, he wanted to fuck her. And it all began, he bent her cancer and began to fuck in hot pussy, her secretions was so strong that the entire penis was covered in her sticky secretions, and then she screamed, “Stop, please, I badly want to piss, I implore you, I can mess oneself, stop,” she begged him to stay for a few minutes. He could not stop; he stuck in rigid motions his cock deeper and deeper into the wet pussy. She moaned and cried and asked to stop, trying to grab hold of his body and to stop his hard movements. through some time interval, he slowed the pace, his movements become more sluggish and quiet, and then he abruptly pulls his cock out of pussy and sticks fast in the ass, the girl jumps up at this point and begins to moan heavily. and the guy added to the rate of movement, his cock going in and out faster and faster into her ass, and their moans and body merged into a single, she could not keep himself on his feet, she swayed from side to side with each stroke of his cock, she no strength. And then her legs began to pour liquid, it was urine. Guy saw it and became more agitated, he asked to keep the urine and not piss. He lay on the floor and asked her to piss on him, she stood up, legs spread over a guy and started to piss, he caressed her pussy with his hands, on his hands ran hot urine, she moves her hips to the urine fell on his body. The guy was all totally wet in the urine, his mouth was filled with urine, and he drank it and rubbed on his body and asked her to pee further. But unfortunately guy she has to pee and could no longer pee, she sat on top, inserting the term in the pussy and began to slow movements. He held her for hips, pulled on himself, they were all in urine, their dirty orgy proceeded. The girl has she noticed that the guy liked it when she pee at him, he wanted more passion and more sex and she has decided to surprise him. She stopped moving and started to get up, his cock fell from her vagina, she asked the guy that he lay also on his back without moving and closed his eyes, and the guy did what she asked. She sat on his face and began to retch, she farted a couple times and embarrassed, but the guy had asked her not to stop and continue to do the conceived. She sat on his face and moved the pussy on his face, and during that moment he licked her pussy. She retch to fart, and suddenly farted and flew out at this point shit on his face she scared that he did not like it, but … He was delighted by this, he took this piece of shit and started to spread itself across the face and body, eat shit, and she continued to take a crap on his face. When it was a lot of shit, they began to daub their bodies of smelly shit, they were all totally in the shit, they liked it and it was exciting. Their dirty game shit & piss went on, they made love in different poses. The girl has repeatedly received the orgasm, and it was the turn guy. His cock was so resilient and full of shit, he had almost finished and at this point she got on her knees and took his penis in her tender hands and began to fondle a dick by mouth. She licked shit from his cock making a blowjob, and finally, there came a time when he began to finish. At the time of orgasm, the girl did not stop caressing his dick. He could not restrain in himself the urine and began to piss on her face and mouth; urine ran down her neck on a gorgeous chest and over her body. The boy and girl were hugging in the shit and urine, from enjoying the best orgasm in the world! When the boy finished the story of the film, he said to his girlfriend – this is the most passionate and messy orgy, I’ve seen, and you know me it is very excited and I want to feel it with you, let’s try, my dear, sex in the urine and shit… After the story and offer guy her eyes lit up and there was a sly smile, and the boy heard the girl answer – yes dear, I want, I want us to feel on our bodies shit and piss in our sex. I want to make you blowjob when your penis will be in the shit. I want you peed in my mouth and on my body, so you shit on me and on my face. I want to eat your shit and to drink your urine; I want you and your cock. Hurry darling, ran home, I can no longer tolerate, I burn, my pussy wet so that the discharge flow in my legs, I want you!

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